How To Deal With A Front Garden


For the first time in my life, I have a front garden. It’s a nice buffer between our house and the busy street that we live on, but I’m not sure what to do with it tbh. As much as I enjoy spending time outdoors pretending like I know how to take care of plants, I’m not sure about tending to a garden that is visible to everyone. It might be too much pressure. It’s not a space we are likely to ever sit and hangout in, so I’m pretty sure I will “forget” to take care of it. What I really need is something super low maintenance (aka impossible to kill).

Currently, the front garden has a small lawn with some scraggly plants around the edges. It’s hard to tell what’s going on since it’s winter and everything either looks dead or is dead. With spring supposedly approaching (I always have my doubts this time of year), I’m going to have to figure it out soon. One option would be to plant some pretty flowers in the border around the lawn, and watch them die a slow and miserable death. Ya, I’ll probably do that.

Of course there are alternatives that are less painful and time consuming. For those of you that are fed up with tending to a front lawn/garden, here are a few other ways to make use of the space.

Backyard Makeover.2

Opt for artificial grass

We had artificial grass in our last back garden, and aside from preventing moss from growing on it, it required no effort. Artificial grass is ideal for those that want a lawn but don’t want to deal with the associated maintenance. Laying down artificial grass requires a fair amount of preparation including digging up any grass and weeds and then laying down sand over the lawn area. Some people may prefer to hire a professional to lay down this artificial grass so that it all looks neat. By investing in good quality artificial grass, you’ll be certain to end up with something that lasts and looks real.

Create a pebble garden with a path

Another low maintenance option could be a pebble garden. Done well, they can be very pretty. As with laying down artificial grass, you’ll want to completely dig up and de-weed the area first. You can then lay down a weed mat and then place the pebbles on top. When building a pebble front garden, a garden path made of large stepping stone slabs could be a pretty feature, helping to guide guests to your door. You can also add potted plants for some greenery, ornaments for added colour and possibly some lights to run alongside the path.

Turn it into a driveway or “courtyard”

You could also consider converting your lawn into a driveway, or patio area. There are many ways to lay a driveway – you could opt for concrete, gravel or brick paving. In all cases, you’ll want to prepare the ground first so that you haven’t got weeds growing out. On top of this, you could look into carports and provide shelter for your vehicles. Such structures may require planning permission, so make sure that you look into this.

Turn it into a herb/vegetable garden

A vegetable patch may not be a low-maintenance alternative to a front lawn, but it could give it a more practical use if you don’t see the point of a lawn. By growing your own vegetables, you could make steps to a more organic and self-sufficient lifestyle whilst saving money on groceries. Of course, you can always use your back garden for this purpose, but using your front garden could allow you to reserve this space for socializing.


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