I’m Writing A Book About These Dreamy Cabins!

Well, it’s not exactly about cabins, or even a book (yet). But I am writing a something, and it is inspired by these beautiful houses and the Canadian countryside.

Here’s what happened. Way back in January, I decided to experiment with taking blogging seriously for awhile. You know, just to try it out. I published a post about every week, and was approached by a link building company that wanted to work with me. Moving into a new house gave me a lot of content ideas, and the whole ‘take-blogging-seriously’ thing seemed promising. I lasted for about a month and a half before I burned out.

Forcing myself to produce content once a week eventually became tiring, and I confirmed what I already suspected: that I want blogging to just be a hobby for me and something I do for enjoyment, rather than a source for pocket change or blogging kudos. Since maintaining a strict posting schedule took the fun out of it for me, I decided to give myself a break. Between work and family coming to visit, it seemed like a reasonable decision. I assumed that I’d soon miss it, and go back to blogging – just maybe once a month instead of once a week.

Instead, I filled my time with other things. I started reading a lot more for one thing. Thanks to a recommendation from Young House Love, I discovered the ACOTAR series and remembered how much I love reading fantasy. Then instead of focusing on real-life projects and pinning accordingly, I stumbled across these whimsical, other-worldly cabins on Pinterest. Long story short, I got lost in fantasy land.

How lost in fantasy land am I? Well, in February I started writing a story, and now I’ve written over 175 pages about a made up world I first created on Pinterest. I think the confession I’m trying to make here is that I’m a compulsive writer. If I’m not writing about my house or life, I’m writing about something else. Phew, it feels good to get that off my chest!

Anyways, these pages may never see the light of day, but they do explain why I’m not around on the blog as much. I might drop in with a little house project here and there, but for now I’m enjoying this unexpected hobby. It also makes sense to hold off on changes around the house for now since we only have a year left on our UK visas, and aren’t sure what the future holds. Eventually we want to invest in quality items for our home, but we’re waiting to pull the trigger on big purchases until we know what country we’ll be living in. Writing about made-up stuff doesn’t require me to buy new things to make the house look cute, so I see this as a win. 🙂


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