The REAL Little House on the Prairie

I’ve always loved Little House on the Prairie. Laura Ingalls Wilder is one of the reasons I became a history major. I loved her story and the fact that, as a third-grader growing up in California, I still found myself relating to her feelings and struggles. The Little House books made me believe that if I really listened to a person’s story, I could understand who they were.

By the time I went to college I had learned that the pioneer life depicted in Little House is a highly romanticized version of what life on the prairie was actually like. And so I reluctantly left Laura Ingalls Wilder behind with my other childhood books…

If you are like me and grew up reading Little House on the Prairie,  you’ll be thrilled to know that Laura Ingalls Wilder’s unedited memoir Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography will be released this fall for the first time ever.  Her memoir became the basis for the Little House series, but it goes beyond the heart-warming stories and gives the adult version of what really happened on the prairie. Now readers that loved the Ingalls family as children can get reacquainted with them as adults.

Let’s just say I’m excited.



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