Apartment Living

When Andrew and I found our first apartment, we knew it would be temporary. We signed a year lease, but figured we’d probably have to move to the UK before it ended. So we moved our mismatched furniture from our college years into the brand new apartment, and tried to piece together a home without making any large purchases (we did have to buy a couch and bed).

For the past few months, I’ve struggled to emotionally distance myself from the 600 square feet that’s become home. I’ve had to remind myself at least 1,000 times that we are moving and DO NOT need a coffee table, an armchair, or another lamp. Instead of purchasing new items, I worked with what we already had. The second-hand drawers that were shoved under my dorm bed were converted into a little bench with the help of a few blankets and pillows. Thrift store wall art was given a second life in our living room. Then one day I looked around and realized our apartment somehow became a cozy home, and the thought of leaving it made me a little sad.

The next day I snapped these photos with my iphone, so that when I have the luxury of owning a coffee table, I’ll be able to remember our first simple home.

living room
living room/office
photos in living room
diy photo frame
home is...
living room
art wall
our balcony
blue & yellow kitchen
blue and yellow kitchen
how do you dress up a tv? still working on it…
reading nook
reading nook
reading nook
Maia investigating the nook
bedroom & sunlight

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