Nespresso: the machine we can’t live without

I haven’t always been a coffee drinker. Once-upon-a-time I could start my day without caffeine to get me going in the morning. But then college happened. I started carrying around a travel mug like it was my life source. Fortunately for me, the people in my life have always understood my dependence. My roommates cheerfully made enough coffee for me every morning, knowing that I would be slower than a garden slug without it. My parents stock up on flavored creamer whenever I come home. My coworkers always inform me when a fresh pot is brewing. I’m honestly grateful for these acts of kindness, but I’m also embarrassed by how apparent my need for coffee must be.

Luckily (for me), Andrew is even more addicted to coffee than I am. When we discovered Nespresso at Target one afternoon, our eyes met, and we just knew we needed it. Of course, we didn’t buy it right away (they’re pretty expensive). We put one our wedding registry instead and crossed our fingers.

We returned home from our honeymoon and wasted no time opening our gifts. Since many of our guests knew we would be heading to the UK, we were given plenty of gift cards. Armed with a stack of Target gifts cards, we set out to buy the only thing on our registry that mattered. At the checkout, we proudly handed the cashier five or six gift cards, and left with our first joint purchase.

We haven’t regretted buying our Pixie Nespresso even once.


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