Expat Tales

map with pins

I’ve become more sentimental since moving abroad. There I said it. Food is one of the many things that triggers nostalgia. The other day I discovered where Sainsbury’s hides Kraft Mac & Cheese (in the sweets aisle, really?!), and I was way more excited than I should have been. Andrew and I then proceeded to eat way more mac & cheese than we should have eaten. We definitely share a weakness for trash food that reminds us of home. We once took a train to another town just for Taco Bell, and to our shame it was the height of the weekend.

TV is another less embarrassing way we remind ourselves of home. We keep up with our favourite shows on Hulu+, Netflix, network websites, and other completely *cough* legal sources. I recently discovered another online source for television called Youk TV. It’s mainly targeted at Brits living abroad, and it lists shows from a bunch of UK channels. Youk TV also started a blog where it shares stories from expats, and they recently posted an interview of yours truly. Have a little wander over to check it out 🙂


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