DIY Chalkboard Wall

Where has the time gone? I can’t believe how fast the Christmas season is flying by! Andrew and I went back to the States for Thanksgiving this year, and it feels like life has been nonstop ever since. I have a mile long to-do list, and I haven’t had time or energy to accomplish much of anything.

Last week I managed to squeeze in a quick project in the kitchen. For a long time it’s looked like this. Pretty underwhelming, but there isn’t a whole lot we can do in such a small space.DSC_0061_342I’ve always felt that bare wall at the back of the kitchen is being wasted. Initially, we planned to hang open shelves, a storage rack, or maybe some sort of artwork. But a few attempts at drilling holes into the wall revealed that it’s solid concrete.

I was content with the way it was for a year, but then the paint started to chip. We’ve had bad luck with paint in a few other rooms, so I wasn’t really surprised. Just disappointed. Anyways, something had to be done. I thought about repainting it, but then I found this blackboard temporary wallpaper on Amazon.

It’s only £14.99 a roll, so I decided to give it a try. I didn’t document the process of hanging it up, because I had no expectation of doing a good job. I foolishly put it up by myself, and the smart person inside me said “No, this is a bad idea. You’ll completely mess it up.” But the part of me that said, “I JUST NEED TO GET THIS DONE NOW!!!” won. (BONUS TIP: ask a friend to help you hang this.) The damaged paint + my poor hanging skills resulted in a pretty wrinkly blackboard. Oh well. I’ve covered it in fancy lettering to distract you from all the problems.


Before you get all excited by how pristine my letters look, I traced every single bit of it. I used the well-known method of rubbing chalk on the back of a piece of paper with the design printed on it. Then I taped the paper to the wall, and traced around each letter with a pencil to transfer the outline.dsc_1072I like how friendly the kitchen looks from the front of the house now. It’s all, “I’m full of dirty dishes that you’ve been avoiding, but you’re an amazing person! You know you want to come back here.” Awe kitchen, your so sweet! I think I will. Here, have a Christmas tea towel because I’m so giving.dsc_1064

Not bad for a project that only took a few hours. I’ll just have to ignore those wrinkles and creases 😳

This photo is dark because it’s winter here, AND WE HAVE NO DAYLIGHT. It’s ok, I’m not bothered by this at all.



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