Upcycled Bedsheet With DYLON

dsc_1085You may have noticed that I’ve had sort of a thing for dye lately. Well as it turns out, DYLON discovered that I’ve been using their dye not a lot, but always, so they offered to sponsor a post on it. I was stoked when they approached me about it because I knew Andrew wouldn’t let me dye another item in our house without a valid excuse reason.

I decided to try DYLON Dark Green this time because it’s one of my favorite colors, and it’s also Christmasy.dylon-3d-machine-dye-fstop-dark-green-bb1

My plan was to transform the below twin bedsheet into a tablecloth. dsc_1053The nice thing about dye projects is that you can make them as difficult or as easy as you want them to be. Since I was feeling crafty, but didn’t have a lot of time to devote to this project, I opted for a box of machine-wash dye. I put it in the washing machine with the sheet, and there was no mess or stress. After drying over night, my tablecloth was d.o.n.e.dsc_1085The color is a little lighter than I was hoping for, but I might go back and use the hand wash dye to add an ombre effect around the edges that will darken part of it.dsc_1087Of course a new tablecloth meant I had to break out the wedding china as well. 🙂 Our fake dinners are fancy.dsc_1080

green, green, green, green ❤

Not bad for a rainy day project! I’m always happy when I can make something new out of what I already have on hand.



**Interested in other projects with dye? Click here for more!


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