Bedroom Mini Makeover


DSC_0948_458Happy Spring everyone! We’re getting 12 hours of daylight again, and that makes me soooo happy! I got pretty fed up with winter and cabin fever this year. My coping strategy was to stay busy, and I definitely succeeded. For the first time since we moved to the UK, I feel like maybe I’m too busy. Between work, gym classes, and church activities I don’t seem to have much free time any more. But that didn’t stop me from dying our bedspread green!DSC_0940_450 (2)I was hesitant to share this post because I was overly ambitious and thought I could dye a queen size bedspread in our little washing machine. After one wash the colour was really uneven, and there were a few horrible dark patches. I dyed it again, and it came out a little better but there are still noticeable variations -like a particularly stubborn dark patch between the pillows… I think because there are gathers in the fabric it made it extra tricky.

Despite the flaws, I’m digging the green vibes.  It’s fun to have something new without having to pay a lot!

before  //  after

Because the bedroom is so small, changing the bedspread makes a big difference.




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