Living Room Refresh with Photowall

Hello world! After taking nearly a year off to adjust to life as a first-time mom in the midst of a pandemic, I’m back with a living room refresh. Here’s what the living room has looked like for the past few years. The rug was the only thing we purchased specifically for the space, and … More Living Room Refresh with Photowall


The Next Adventure

Things have been a little quiet around here, but that’s because we’ve been keeping a secret… We’re having a baby! Little bean is due early May 2020, and we’re so excited/nervous to make the leap into parenthood. In the meantime, I’ve been slowly ticking projects off the very long to-do list, and plan to share … More The Next Adventure

Living Room Progress

Once upon a time, I asked Andrew to help me hang a canvas print on the wall. It only required one bracket to mount the canvas frame. How hard could it be? Well, the wall was solid brick, and after trying to drill into the crumbling plaster without much success, he told me it couldn’t … More Living Room Progress

Getting the most out of your living space after a move

Happy New Year! This year truly feels like a blank slate. We’re kicking off 2019 in a new house, new town, and newish job for me. I’m a believer that change can be positive because it brings new opportunities, but it’s also scary. Settling into a new environment is a daunting task, and deciding where … More Getting the most out of your living space after a move

We moved!

Life’s been a little exciting over here lately. I started a new job, we visited our family back in California for Thanksgiving, and oh, we moved 2 weeks ago! Moving is hard work, and I’ve been so busy packing and unpacking that I haven’t had time to fully share my excitement! So let me quickly … More We moved!