The Things Are Here!!!

Happy April 1st! March was an eventful month for us. We planned a trip to Italy, went to Italy, and oh – our MoveCube arrived! It was delivered on March 7th, and it’s been great getting reacquainted with everything we packed in boxes 8 months ago.

unpack meme

But before we could start enjoying our possessions, we had to find places to put things. The amount of STUFF everywhere was pretty overwhelming for the first few days weeks.

The extra bedroom, aka Andrew’s office, became a dumping ground.


We couldn’t walk through it, and because we don’t have large trash bins outside, we had to hoard all the packaging in our house until collection day. Sometimes I really miss the days of having a trash chute in our our apartment… I did the walk of shame to work on trash day, hoping no one would see me leave the house with 25 trash bags in front of it!


Our dining/kitchen area wasn’t much better, and we were once again faced with how small our kitchen is. Time to go back to IKEA for more storage! 🙂


We STILL haven’t sorted out where to put everything, but I think we only have 3 boxes left to unpack!


I spy a Maia-face!


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