Treasures From Our Travels

I was asked recently what decorative piece in my home is my absolute favorite, and I thought “why not do a post about it?” My favorite thing is actually a collection of items bought on our travels –that counts as one right?

I’m not really into shopping on vacation, and neither is Andrew. We travel for the experience rather than souvenirs, but sometimes an item will really catch our eye. The pieces shown here did exactly that, and we brought them home because they were just too perfect to pass up. Pretty, well-priced, and interesting. So although we spend very little time in shops while we’re on holiday, we’ve managed to accumulate a few decorative items for our home that are doubly special because a) they are lovely to both of us, and b) they bring back memories of the wonderful time we had.

Vase from Budapestvase2Our first holiday after moving was to Budapest for a long weekend. We picked up this vase at one of the Christmas Markets. For a long time it was the only pretty thing in our house, since we had to wait several months for our things to arrive from the US.


Painting from LagospaintingWe picked up this little painting in Lagos from Corine Thinon‘s art gallery. She’s a French artist who lives in Portugal and paints beautiful scenes of the Algarve region.

Algarve Poster

DSC_0451_1054Speaking of the Algarve, we came across this print shortly after we purchased the boats painting, and it plays nice with the vase on the shelf.

Andrew hated the eclectic gallery wall we threw together above the TV a year ago, and I wasn’t really a fan either. We’ve been on the lookout for more grownup/less dorm room art for the living room for awhile. The painting+print felt like the perfect place to start. DSC_0436_1039The little gallery is looking a lot more cohesive now. Andrew helped me cut it back to just our favorites, and we took down everything except the vintage map of San Diego that I inherited from my grandma, and the wooden world map. It looks sooo much better than it did!DSC_0399_1004It also compliments the art situation going on behind the chair now. For the first time ever, that wall on the right feels like it ties into the rest of the room.DSC_0476_1079

Southbank postersDSC_0446_1049I’m including these Southbank posters in my “travel treasures” collection. Moving to another country still counts as “travel” in my mind (never mind that we currently live near London). I’ll allow it.DSC_0365_973And Check. It. Out! The side table we ordered in January finally came! I was worried that it wouldn’t work with my copper lamp from LiteCraft, but I actually love them together.

It’s taken awhillllle, but at last the living room feels pulled together.sofa2And in case you were wondering, the sofa is holding up well since I dyed it. It’s still dark and handsome, and fits our chocolate-eating, cat-cuddling lifestyle much better than a white sofa.

The rest of the room hasn’t changed that much, but I’m feeling good about it so figured I’d share:

I’m thinking a nice snake plant to the right of the TV would complete the room nicely.





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