A Day In London

Once a month or so, Andrew and I like to go to London for the day and get lost. We’re only 20-30 minutes away by train, but we’re often so tired by the weekend that we choose to stay home (and save money). I catch up on boring, but necessary, things like laundry -an all day chore without a dryer. Andrew finished setting up his office recently, and he can happily spend an entire day on the computer. The point is, a day spent in London is special because it’s not something we treat ourselves to on the regular.

London always makes for a good time, but still some days are better than others. Sometimes we just meander, and other times we have a strict plan. A few Saturday’s ago we were really on our game -at least I think so. We didn’t rush ourselves and slept in. We bought  coffee on the way to train station, and the weather surprised us with some sunshine. After a week of random snow flurries (at the end of April!), it was really nice to see the sun again. We headed to Kensington for a day at *free* museums.

Our first stop was the Victoria and Albert Museum. The V&A is my happy place. I’ve been several times, but I keep discovering new items to appreciate. It’s inviting for everyone – and one of my favourite features is the wading pool in the courtyard where kids are welcome to play.

wading pool

We ate lunch at the V&A cafe -another beautiful spot.

v and a

After lunch, we went to the Natural History Museum. This is one of Andrew’s favourites because dinosaurs. And I’m a fan too.DSC_0019_122The weather was beautiful, but still pretty chilly, so it was nice to be indoors for part of the day.DSC_0026_129DSC_0023_126.1After a solid afternoon at the Museum, we went to Hatchards, London’s oldest bookshop. It’s occupied the current building in Piccadilly for over two centuries!


We probably spent an hour pursuing the books. ❤

I definitely recommend these three spots to anyone with an extra day to spend in London, and I know I’ll be back!


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