Dyed Tapestry

dsc_1057-3See what I made! Shall I tell you how it happened?

Well. There’s a blank wall in our living room that’s been annoying me for months now ↓↓↓DSC_0033_314See it? Over there behind the lonely chair? Even though our lounge is teeny tiny, I feel like that wall is off by itself, and not tied into the rest of the room.

Eventually I’d like to give that chair a side table/lamp combo to keep it company. Like maybe these.

Sources: IKAYAA Natural Pine Wood Table // Marble Base Table Lamp

*except that table is way too big in real life

But that still leaves a solid brick wall that I’m not allowed to paint (apparently) and can’t hang anything heavy on without a masonry drill. I still had tons of fabric leftover from our wedding arch thingy, and dye from the pillows I made for the One Room Challenge. After a few wanders around the internet, I devised a plan to dye something to hang on the wall. I didn’t exactly find a full tutorial, but I figured I could adapt techniques like the ones used here to accomplish what I wanted.

First I sketched out a pattern on a piece of paper. Drawing it on paper also helped me wrap my head around how to fold the fabric.

Then I cut out triangle templates so I could decide how to space out the pattern.dsc_1009I folded the fabric in half so that I could trace around the triangles like so.dsc_1019Then I stitched alone the outlines I had drawn, leaving a thread tail of about 6 inches at either end.dsc_1023dsc_1024I made two more folds to add rows of triangles on either side of the middle row to complete the patter.dsc_1025Then gathered the fabric and wrapped the excess thread around the triangle part.


But I didn’t stop there. Oh no no no no. I wrapped each nub in protective cellophane and secured it with rubber bands.

I didn’t want my nubs to be submerged in the dye, so I used large clips tied together to keep all my hard work stitching, tying, and wrapping from disappearing into the dark blue void.

this is some high-tech stuff right here

Several hours later…dsc_1054

Once the water ran clear I freed the nubs and took all the rubber bands/cellophane/threads off. Then I put it in the washing machine -mostly to get rid of the wrinkles.dsc_1063

There are obvious variations, but I expected as much. The only thing I was a little bummed about was that it came out more faded than I would have liked. I used a mixture of left over navy blue and grey dye, and I expected it to come out a darker hue.

The chair’s a little less lonely now!

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