Making The Most Of Winter

“The true secret of happiness lies in the taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.” 

― William Morris

Does anyone else feel like winter is 3 months too long? I’d be content if winter ended in December, and then right after New Year – BOOM! Spring. But alas, I’m looking at another 2-3 months of coat weather. A few weeks ago I was finding it hard to accept this fact, and started googling “how to survive January blues.” Whilst perusing the internet, I discovered hygge (hoo-gah), the Danish art of coping with cold dark winters. Denmark is known for being the happiest country in the world, and hygge is part of the reason why. Hygge is all about being cosy; taking a genuine interest and pleasure in everyday moments, finding joy in simple rituals like an evening cup of tea, and creating an atmosphere of comfort. I say yes to all of these things, so last month I started on a little mission to make my home more hygge. In the process, I realised that actually there are some wintery things that I enjoy, and what better way to celebrate than by sharing a few of them with you? 🙂

  1. Lamps

When it comes to making a room feel welcoming and warm, lighting goes the extra mile. I’ve wanted a lamp for the living room for ages and ages, and I finally found the one! This copper beauty is from Litecraft, and it adds the perfect amount of warm light in the living room.

dsc_0935_402This side of the room is slowly coming together! As you know, we’re still waiting for our living room side table to arrive, so in the meantime I brought a bedside table downstairs.dsc_0941_408The shade is lined with a copper insert, and it reflects the light to make a cheerful glow.

  1. Candles

Candles are the perfect way to cosy up a room. I especially like candles with a wood wick, but any old candle will do. I’ll even scatter little tea candles around the house for a few hours of extra warmth.dsc_0957_420-2dsc_0968_432-2

  1. Tea

At first I didn’t understand England’s obsession with tea, but it all starts to make sense once January comes around. I do feel that I need a boost to get me through dark winter days, and a nice cuppa seems to be the answer.dsc_0949_416

  1. Blankets

Blankets are really a year-round necessity for me. There’s just something comforting about wrapping up in a blanket, and there’s always at least one on the sofa.dsc_0961-2_425(Maia also loves blankets…)

  1. Walks on a sunny day

Being stuck in the house too long tends to make us grumpy, so we try to go outside as much as the weather will allow. It’s amazing how a uplifting a few hours spent in the sun can be! Unfortunately rain is in the forecast for this weekend, but looking at this view, I almost don’t mind.dsc_0937_404I might even get around to hanging the other poster this weekend – but maybe not. After all, winter is for slowing down, getting cosy, and enjoying lots of hot drinks. 😉


A big thank you to Litecraft for collaborating on this post. Their wide selection made it easy to find a lamp that fits my style, and they offer amazing service.

All opinions and recommendations are 100% my own.


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