Meet our new home! (that we’ve lived in for over a year)

Hello again, after a long hiatus from the blog!

Just two posts ago, I shared a tour of the Victorian house we rented from 2018 to the start of 2022, and now it’s time to introduce our new home as first-time owners. That’s right, we bought a house! (Nearly two years ago.)

Here she is! Another 3 bedroom Victorian terrace, but with more modern finishes than our previous homes.

Victorian terrace house

I don’t know if I’ve ever felt at home at a new place so quickly. It might be because we spent 6 months envisioning our life here before we moved in. There’s a list of projects waiting for me to share here one day, but first let me catch you up on how how this place came to be ours.

It all started in July 2021. Our permanent residency for the UK had just been approved, and we decided to start looking for a house. Both of us thought it would take ages to find a house that was ‘the one,’ and so we planned to take it slow and casual. I scheduled a few viewings as a way to ‘test the waters,’ and this was the first house we saw. We made an offer on it that same afternoon and here we are nearly two years later with no regrets!

Shortly after moving in, I took photos of the downstairs area. I remember feeling pretty critical of these photos at the time, but looking back at such a tidy house, I wonder why! With two little ones in the mix now, it’s rare for there to be so few toys in sight!

One of my favourite things about this home is the sightline from the front to back of the house. We can close off the kitchen and breakfast table from the rest of the living space if needed, but we usually leave it open.

One of the first things we did after moving in was buy a larger rug for the living room – the one pictured here is now in one of the bedrooms.

Moving on to the kitchen/dining nook. For the first time since moving to the UK, we have a dishwasher and I never want to live without one again! We also splurged on a washer/dryer and it’s a lifesaver on rainy days.

Behind the kitchen area, we have a spacious dining nook. We have big plans for this space to add more storage and function. I’m getting excited to tackle that project maybe later this year. 🤞

I have yet to take pictures of the upstairs or garden, but because I don’t trust myself to do it anytime soon, I’ll leave you with these photos from the listing. A huge selling point was the garden office where Andrew works from home. Last summer we did an IKEA hack built in desk that I hope to share soon. Stay tuned ;).

This house was already well-loved before it became ours, and now we’re enjoying putting our own stamp on it without needing to do any major updates. I tracked down some older photos from the early 2000s that show how it’s evolved over the years (it was built in the 1880s).

Hopefully I’ll be able to share more soon! 🙂


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