Living Room Refresh with Photowall

Hello world! After taking nearly a year off to adjust to life as a first-time mom in the midst of a pandemic, I’m back with a living room refresh.

Here’s what the living room has looked like for the past few years. The rug was the only thing we purchased specifically for the space, and everything else moved with us from our last house.

Living room with black sofa and white rug

Since moving to the UK from California five years ago, we’ve been making decisions under the assumption that we might have to move back to the States in the near future. That mindset made it difficult to justify big purchases, which is why our little Karlstad sofa that I dyed black years ago is still with us. But as of December 2020, we gained right to remain status! It feels strange being able to make long-term decisions after living with unknowns for so long. All that to say, when Photowall reached out to collaborate, I already had ideas spinning in my head of changes I wanted to make in the living room. Swapping out the art was the perfect place to start!

I replaced the abstract canvas for a framed print, and that one small change made such a difference! I had some fun styling the coffee table, but it’s normally completely bare because we’ve got a little one crawling all over the place and everything within reach is fair game.

Still, it was nice to enjoy a clean room for a few minutes before it was covered in toys again. Most of the time we keep the coffee table pushed over to the side by the fireplace to protect our books, but eventually I’d like to replace it with a footstool with fewer sharp edges!

A new sofa is also on the list of upgrades we’d like to make, but I have to say I’m impressed with how well this one has held up.

If you would like to freshen up your space with new art, Photowall is offering a 25% discount on any product on their website with the code clarimichele25 (offer valid until April 2021). This is the third Photowall piece in our home (we ordered a canvas for our bedroom, and poster for the nursery), and I’ve consistently been impressed by the quality of their products and quick service. They have a huge selection with new items being added all the time, so it’s always a treat shopping their site. Be sure to check it out!

That’s all for now, but hopefully I’ll be back soon with more updates!


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