Expat Tales

I’ve become more sentimental since moving abroad. There I said it. Food is one of the many things that triggers nostalgia. The other day I discovered where Sainsbury’s hides Kraft Mac & Cheese (in the sweets aisle, really?!), and I was way more excited than I should have been. Andrew and I then proceeded to eat … More Expat Tales

A Day In London

Once a month or so, Andrew and I like to go to London for the day and get lost. We’re only 20-30 minutes away by train, but we’re often so tired by the weekend that we choose to stay home (and save money). I catch up on boring, but necessary, things like laundry -an all day … More A Day In London

Life Lately

When we told people we were moving to the UK, I think most of them assumed we’d start travelling right away, and spend all of our time going to new places. By now we should have seen 80% of Europe, at LEAST! Now, you might be wondering what gave me that impression. I submit to … More Life Lately


After 2 ½ months of living in limbo, we have our own place again! It’s a little rough around the edges, but we’re excited to slowly transform it into our home. Now we just have to wait another two months for our stuff to arrive…

The Big Move

Andrew and I are excited to officially announce that we will be moving to the UK in April 2015! Andrew has accepted a transfer to his company’s UK office located in Basildon. He will continue working as a software engineer while I finish up my Master’s. We’ll probably settle near Loughton. We are eager to … More The Big Move