Living Room Plan – Decorating On a Budget

Exciting news! I ordered a rug for the living room! I even took measurements of the room before picking a size, so I’m feeling very grown up right now. The old me would see a pretty rug, gasp at the price for the ideal size, and then go for a smaller version. I got away … More Living Room Plan – Decorating On a Budget


Getting the most out of your living space after a move

Happy New Year! This year truly feels like a blank slate. We’re kicking off 2019 in a new house, new town, and newish job for me. I’m a believer that change can be positive because it brings new opportunities, but it’s also scary. Settling into a new environment is a daunting task, and deciding where … More Getting the most out of your living space after a move

We moved!

Life’s been a little exciting over here lately. I started a new job, we visited our family back in California for Thanksgiving, and oh, we moved 2 weeks ago! Moving is hard work, and I’ve been so busy packing and unpacking that I haven’t had time to fully share my excitement! So let me quickly … More We moved!

The Netherlands

“God created the world but the Dutch created the Netherlands.” – Rene Descartes We went to the Netherlands for a week back in April, and I crossed another country off my list. Thirteen countries down, 17 more to go to reach 30! Andrew says travelling with me is starting to get easier, lol. I wouldn’t say … More The Netherlands