We moved!

Life’s been a little exciting over here lately. I started a new job, we visited our family back in California for Thanksgiving, and oh, we moved 2 weeks ago! Moving is hard work, and I’ve been so busy packing and unpacking that I haven’t had time to fully share my excitement! So let me quickly catch you up.Old Victorian1

Since my previous post, we put a holding deposit on “house number 1” in Colchester, gave our landlord the required 1 month’s notice, and packed up our home of 3 years. Easier said than done! After that we waited and waited for our referencing checks to go through. As time passed we started to wonder what the letting agency was playing at. Finally, the owner of the property reached out to us directly, and things started moving forward. We never met our previous landlord, so dealing directly with the property owner is a new experience, and so far it’s been a positive one.

Now let’s get back to the HOUSE! It’s an old Victorian, with a fireplace in every room except the kitchen and bathroom. It’s an absolute mess at the moment with an explosion of our stuff everywhere, but I have PLANS! I haven’t got around to taking “before” photos yet, but here’s a quick reminder of what it looks like -in the blurry photos from the letting agent.Old Victorian3This is of course the dining room. It has the same style fireplace as the one in the living room, and unfortunately, the same brown carpet too. Hopefully some rugs will help lighten up the room. The vintage dining table and chairs belong to the landlord, and because our old Ikea table was getting a bit tired, we decided it could stay.

Here’s my inspiration for this space from Hello Haus‘ lovely home.Victorian Fireplace - hello hausI’m also inspired by this dining space. It embraces the vintage look a bit more, and I think merging the two styles might be the way to go.

Victorian dining table

I don’t have a photo of the entry way (I have shared a few sneak peaks in my Instagram Stories though). It is similar to the photo on the right – a narrow passage leading upstairs. I’m excited to have a separate space from the living room to take off coats and shoes.

Upstairs is original hardwood flooring, and more Victorian fireplaces. This is the guest bedroom below.Old Victorian5And here’s my inspiration for the bedrooms from Rock My Style.Victorian bedroom

My ideas for the kitchen and bathroom aren’t quite there yet. Right now, I’ll just be happy when we’re fully moved in, so they aren’t a mess. 🙂

 That’s all for now! Everyone go back to your Christmas shopping!


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