YAY For Furniture! – ORC Week 5

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It’s my last update for the One Room Challenge before the big reveal NEXT WEEK!!! And at last I have some pretty(ish) updates to share! Finally.

Seeeeeeee?DSC_0417_878My furniture came! Say hello to Mr Chiminea.DSC_0411_872Yes I put him together in the rain. Yes I am currently using trash bags to keep him from filling with water. QUICK SIDE NOTE: what do you think about those plants growing back there? The Californian in me is still confused by foliage. Like, I didn’t plant them, and I don’t do anything to take care of them. They just grow? A miracle! Living things are a good thing right? But then these photos make me think they are just weeds, and weeds are bad…

I also assembled the bench.DSC_0413_874At first I was worried when I saw it next to the coffee table, because the stains are so different. But since the table pretty much blends in with the fence and patio, I think I can work with it.DSC_0409_870(2)Thanks ORC for reminding me how helpful it is to take photos of the process! It’s so much easier to decide how I feel about things when I’m looking at it on a screen. I’m realising now that I don’t like the little shed facing forward, and obviously the metal pipe that a previous renter left behind will be going. So yeah, I still need to clean things up, but I can see the vision now.

A few other notes: I strung up festoon lighting over the seating area.DSC_0414_875(2)…And I’m hanging these pots for the herbs. Andrew argued for these rather than the idea I shared in Week 3. I was so glad that he took an interest, that I happily made the switch.hanging pot

The end is in sight! All that’s left to do is hang the herb wall and styling!

Project List:

  • Restore artificial grass
  • Finalise design plan
  • Purchase furniture & accessories
  • Wax table
  • Hang herb wall
  • Put together and move the furniture outside
  • Style!


I’m so impressed by all the ORC transformations this season, and can’t tell you how excited I am for the reveals next week! Check out the other guest participants >>here, and the featured designers >>here.


5 thoughts on “YAY For Furniture! – ORC Week 5

  1. Hi Clarissa, I’m doing my too for the ORC too. Your new chiminea and bench are really nice! Good luck with the final details for next week’s reveal. Look forward to seeing it!

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