Progress Despite The Weather – ORC Week 4

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Is it really week 4 of the One Room Challenge already?! It’s going by QUICK – I don’t know where April went!

Sooo…I wasn’t very productive this week. We didn’t get back from Portugal until Sunday afternoon, and the weekends are normally my project time. The weather also hasn’t been on my side, but my goal for this week was to re-wax the coffee table, and I was determined to get it done rain or shine. I came home yesterday evening, and thought I could get some work done outside. DSC_0400_493It’s a NORNÄS table that I stained a few years ago thinking it would be kept indoors, and the goal was to make it look rustic. It turned out to be the wrong size for the living room, so when we scaled down and bought a round table, and this guy moved outside.

Being out in the elements for a year has made it even more rustic and weathered looking, but since that was my goal in the first place, it doesn’t bother me. I do however want it to last, so it will need to be resealed every summer.DSC_0398_491I just used some wax that I already have on hand, but if we keep it as an outdoor table, I will need to look into a more heavy-duty option.

I’d just finished wiping off a year’s worth of dirt, and was getting ready to apply the first coat of wax when I happened to look up at the sky.DSC_0403_496Yikes. I quickly moved everything inside, and I’m glad I did! Within minutes it started to hail.DSC_0405_498Come on weather, really?! It’s almost May! I miss Portugal…

less than ideal work area…

I applied the wax safely inside, and it’s still sitting in my dining room. But at least it’s ready to weather more wind and rain now! Ugh…

Hopefully things will go better next week. I’m optimistic because the bench and chiminea have already been delivered! I don’t feel like my updates have been that exciting so far, so this weekend I’m really going to crack on with everything!

Project List:

  • Restore artificial grass
  • Finalise design plan
  • Purchase furniture & accessories
  • Wax table
  • Hang herb wall
  • Put together and move the furniture outside
  • Style!

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