Minimalist Master Bedroom + Baby Corner

If there’s one silver lining to being stuck at home under global lockdown, it’s that I finally have the time/desire to share the finished spaces in our home. We moved into our Old Victorian almost a year an half ago, and though I made plans and took lots of photos shortly after moving in, I only got around to sharing progress in the living room and bedroom. Now that we’ve had plenty of time to settle in and have a rough idea of how long we plan to live here, it’s safe to say all the rooms are “finished” – or at least as finished as they’ll ever be. So I’m planning to share an honest home tour soon, but first here’s a look at our bedroom ready for baby to join us.

Minimalist master bedroom with SnüzPod bedside crib

It felt like a lot of pressure choosing a bassinet, especially since there’s such a wide range of options from traditional moses baskets to SNOO smart sleepers that cost upwards of £800! Moses baskets looked a little rickety to me, so we went with a SnüzPod bedside crib. It’s definitely sturdy and was widely recommended, so fingers crossed baby likes it!

Minimalist master bedroom with SnüzPod bedside crib

The front panel zips down which seems very convenient, but it also works as a stand-alone bassinet. For now we have it tucked away in the nook next to the fireplace, but it fits nicely next to the bed as well.

Originally I had visions of adding a second wardrobe or chest of drawers behind the door, but now I’m glad we had space for the bassinet here.

There wasn’t room in the nursery for a chair, so we added an armchair next to the window by Andrew’s wardrobe.

Ikea Koarp armchair next to wardrobe

I decided to go with a chair rather than a rocker since the reasonably-priced rocking chairs I came across looked made for old granny’s or just uncomfortable. (But for the record, my dream nursery would have the Serena rocking chair ❤ – ok, moving on). Instead I picked out a comfortable armchair that I can see us keeping for awhile and maybe moving into the living room someday. With a footstool in front, it’s the perfect setup.

Ikea Koarp armchair next to wardrobe

The vintage wardrobe belongs to our landlord, and although it makes sense in this old Victorian home, it’s not the most practical. Thus, it is where Andrew’s clothes and shoes go to be forgotten about and never seen again, lol.

As far as the rest of the room goes, everything else is basically the same except for the addition of thrifted baskets I hung above the bed.

My favourite Orla Kiely duvet is still going strong, but I have the small pattern facing up for a change of pace.

Please excuse the scuffed baseboards and curtains that don’t reach the floor – they came with the house. 😂 Of course there are things I would like to improve, but I also love this room the way it is. I can’t believe that it will also be home to a little baby in a few short weeks!

Sources: Verona bed / SnüzPod bedside crib / nightstands / duvet / armchair / bench


3 thoughts on “Minimalist Master Bedroom + Baby Corner

  1. That looks absolutely beautiful Clarissa, and I hope all goes well with the new arrival! I came across your blog by accident and it’s really interesting, thank you! I always wondered how US expats find making friends in the UK and what they think of the healthcare system (sorry if this is nosey and/or answered elsewhere). I was curious how an American couple may find the UK system – as it is free at point of service it’s more about ‘this is the standard we can provide for everyone’ whereas when I lived in Hong Kong and Australia, I felt I was treated almost as a customer. Wishing you all the best for the future.

    1. Thanks Lorraine! I find the differences between the US and UK health system pretty interesting, and might try to address it in a future post. As a young person fresh out of college in the US, healthcare was something I stressed about since my employer didn’t provide insurance and I couldn’t stay on my parent’s plan forever. I felt there was a lot of barriers to accessing care, and the whole system was a financial minefield. I’ve absolutely loved the NHS here in the UK by comparison! I’ve never struggled to get appointments and have found it quick and convenient to see my doctor. I hope that helps 🙂

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