Bedroom Work-In-Progress Tour

I’m going to be honest with you: I’ve reached the “this is fine” stage of moving in.this-is-fine.0.jpgOk, so the house isn’t on fire, but you know what I mean. There are little piles of clutter lurking in almost every room, and …it’s fine. I’m not bothered that our old wooden knife block is currently being used as a door stop. The box collecting items without a home does’t upset me. Life’s good. Realll good *laughs hysterically.*


Even though it’s been a struggle to finish moving in, I have managed to get the bedroom to an acceptable level of comfort. I thought I’d celebrate by sharing a quick work-in-progress tour of the space. But first a few photos of the “before” to make the current situation look more impressive. ;)This is how the room looked for the past two and a half months. Not terrible, but not the most functional. I decided not to use the side tables I DIY’d in here because they looked too narrow for the space. The blue table and wardrobe came with the house, so we pretty much just set up the bed and called it a day. Then I got fed up and impulsively bought nightstands and a bench while Andrew was away on a business trip. These simple additions might not have the most visual impact, but they certainly add to the level of comfort in here.


P.S. the bench is great for holding folded clothes that we don’t feel like putting away, but I might stick a few baskets under it to serve that purpose.

Well, what do you think? This room feels huge compared to our previous room, and it still feels kind of empty right now. There’s enough space for maybe a dresser or a second wardrobe across from the bed, but I’m pretty content with it for now. (And not in a “this is fine” kind of way.) 🙂


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